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Most relevant---I am a SLASHER, plain and simple! I love the Pretty!! I'm happily addicted to writing/reading slash ^_^

I’d describe myself as a nice, though more often than not, a scatter brain (a day late, dollar short kinda gal- with the memory going) in other words for the most part I’m a disorganized PROCRASTINATING BiCA—who has her sweet days ;-) However I am also completely devoted to slash a true slut enthusiast. I write fic whenever I can & le muse allows--though problematic with slowness & easily distracted, but ultimately my fandom love never wanes.


I am an adult well over the age of 21. I read/write and talk about graphic ADULT material! If you are NOT an adult YOU should NOT be reading this journal.

Friending policy

Simple friend me, I’ll friend you back ((exceptions to bots, anyone who posts in a language I don't know, or you never post and only use your journal to navigate/save/track throughout LJ)). If I’ve friended you back... I honestly do try to do more than scroll - I do read most entries daily—though I may not have or take the time to comment very often. If that doesn’t suit your needs or offends you, please don’t friend me—or go ahead and defriend me. If I’ve friended you---One: I’ve already met you in RL & want to read your journal (the whole getting to know you better thing...) On top of that I do have excellent visual skills—& making use of those skills adds the cherry of enjoyment when I do read your journal. And hey at the moment there are more than 89 of you that I have met in RL *smooches* Two: I’m stalking you, in a good nutty fan-girl way ;-) Third: I've read your fic, and fell in luv/curious on how you brain ticks & lastly we have fandom things/people/fandom/slash pairings in common.

*Me* tipping my hat--Here’s to hoping you click away with a better understanding of who I am, *smooches*

Communities I Mod/co-mod: darkangel_bb, da_crash,
da_reversebang, fastlane_fic, jam_pony_fic, slashing_lorne, & whitepawns

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